To satisfy our costumers Monteiro & Pais - Consultores, Lda. is able to supply consulting services
in Administrative, Financial and Fiscal areas as:

A - Administrative and financial Area

A.1 - Local, Management Accounting and Management Control

  • Preparation and/or issue of accounting
  • Organization of the documention
  • Support to the administrative area and its internal organization
  • Execution and/or support to accounting and reconciliations
  • Recuperation of delayed accountings
  • Monthly reporting and result analysis
  • Preparation of accounting packages to group reporting
  • Conversion of group chart of account to Portuguese chart of accounts
  • Responsibility of Official Technician of Accounts (TOC)
  • Consolidation of accounts
  • Management support

A.2 - Human Resources Administrative Management

  • Monthly salary process
  • Company and employees inscription in Social Security
  • Fulfill of social security obligations and taxes related with salary process
  • Annual unique report to social security
  • Social balance
  • Monthly report of salary process
  • Management support
  • Support on personal recruitment

B - Fiscal Area

  • Fulfill of company fiscal obligation such as VAT, withholding tax, income tax, annual return
    of simplified corporate information (IES), annual accounts and its annexes
  • Preparation and control of official Fiscal File
  • Analyse of client fiscal situation and preparation of fiscal claims to Official Authorities
  • Fiscal consolidation
  • Registration of companies to fiscal purposes
  • Support and preparation of documentation package for fiscal registration in Portugal
    of non-residents
  • Fiscal Support
  • Fiscal Representation of non-residents

C - Management Services

  • Preparation and Issue of Investment Projects
  • Examination and revision to the accounts, departments or internal circuits
  • Preparation of studies or projects related with administrative, accounting and management organization, internal control systems evaluation, preparation of internal procedures manual
  • Support and/or preparation of necessary documentation to “open” or “close” a company
    in Portugal, for fiscal and Social Security purposes
  • Monitoring and accounting and tax treatment of mergers and divisions of companies
  • Companies evaluation
  • Support in collections
  • Administrative support to management
  • Budgeting and budget control and treasury management
  • Support to the management of hotels
  • Fiscal domiciliation
  • Bank support to do payments on your account
  • Outsourcing
  • Professional training on administrative, finance, accounting and fiscal areas

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